About Us

Lawrence Park Lawn Bowling Club was formed in the Spring of 1912 and has operated continuously since that date at the same location in the Alexander Muir Ravine.

Originally it was a private club for the residents of the Lawrence Park Estates, but came under the jurisdiction of the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation department in 1923. A tennis section was then part of the club, but the two sections separated in 1933.

The present clubhouse was built in 1951. While the club was operated as a “men-only” club in its early years, a Ladies section was added in 1915. Nowadays there is no differentiation.

The club is a member of the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association (OLBA – district 12) affiliated with Bowls Canada and Croquet Canada. During the season, apart from in-house competition and casual play, various members will enter tournaments within the district, with the more skilled playing in Provincial or even National events. Inter-club “friendlies” are a very popular feature.

At the request of Lawrence Park, a Croquet Section was started by Croquet Canada in 2000. In 2001 the Croquet Section of Leaside Lawn Bowling moved over to Lawrence Park. Play at the club is mainly social, but we do have competitive play and club championships in Golf Croquet and USCA Rules. Many of our members do compete at various levels at outside tournaments. Since 2018 we have had 3 different members as Canadian Open Champions. Two of our members have competed in the World Golf Croquet Championships.

The club is managed by an executive committee, elected from among the members each year. Members pitch in to maintain the club, although a professional groundskeeper is employed to keep the greens in top condition.

There are two greens, which enables playing of bowls and croquet at the same time, and provides sufficient “rinks” for tournaments.

Membership in either the Bowling or the Croquet Section (or both) is open to anyone with an interest in learning the games. Our membership is small enough to mantain a friendly, congenial and highly enthusiastic personality. Come join us!

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