Bowling Tournaments

SINGLES2019Enrique VergaraSamy Ezerzer
Bricker Trophy2019Alberto Rivela
Mitchell Picnic Trophy2018Gloria Li, Robin Barfoot
Mollenhauer Trophy2018Alberto Rivela, Enrique Vergara, Reuben Lachmansingh
Mollenhauer Trophy2017June Weind, Ann Dominy, Myra Emsley
Bricker Trophy2017Tie: Enrique Vergara, Mort Alpert
SINGLES2017David EmsleyAlberto Rivela
Mitchell Picnic Trophy2017Mort Alpert
SINGLES2016David EmsleyAlberto Rivela
PAIRS2016David Emsley (skip), Enrique Vergara
Mitchell Picnic Throphy2016June Weind
Bricker Trophy2016Ann Dominy
SINGLES2015David Emsley
SINGLES2014June Weind
PAIRS2013Margaret Barclay, Myra EmsleyAnn Dominy, Samy Ezerzer
Mitchell Picnic Trophy2013Ann Dominy
Bricker Trophy2013Margaret Barclay
Mollenhauer Trophy2013Daid Emsley (skip), Elaine Purdy, Pat Henderson, Fatima Rivela
SINGLES2013David Emsley
Bricker Trophy2012Tony Cook
SINGLES2011David EmsleyFrances Ezerzer
District Shield2011Margaret Barclay (skip), Jim Dunn, Marjorie Samuel, Don Kaye*
PAIRS2011Luca Fontana (skip), David EmsleyGeorge Dominy (skip), Alberto Rivela
Thursdays 43212010Itaf El-Jamal
Thursdays 4321 – Overall Points2010Ann Dominy
SINGLES2010Margaret BarclayJim Dunn
Friday Afternooners – 2nd Series2010George Dominy
Friday Afternooners – 1st Series2010Marjorie Samuel
PAIRS *2010Luca Fontana (skip), Aarne Juhola, Dorothy EvansAnn Dominy (skip), Frances Ezerzer, Mildred Maasland

2019 SINGLES tournament

Winner Enrique Vergara, runner-up Samy Ezerzer and helper

2019 Bricker Trophy

Alberto Rivela

2018 Mitchell Picnic Trophy

Gloria Li, Robin Barfoot

2018 Mollenhauer Trophy

Enrique Vergara, Reuben Lachmansingh, Alberto Rivela

2015 Mitchell Picnic Trophy

Phto: Annie Cook, Sally Cook

2013 SINGLES internal tournament

Photo: Winner David Emsley and runner-up Margaret Barclay


2013 PAIRS internal tournament

Photo: Winners Margaret Barclay and Myra Emsley


2013 Mitchell Picnic Trophy

Photo: Winner Ann Dominy receives trophy from president Mary Kaye


2013 Mollenhauer Trophy

Photo: Winners Elaine Purdy, David Emsley, Fatima Rivela and Pat Henderson

20130629 bowling 05

2013 Bricker Trophy

Photo: Margaret Barclay receives trophy from George Dominy


This trophy was presented to the club by the late Mr. Gordon Bricker, who was President in 1941, and was chairman of the Social Committee from 1945 to 1953 inclusive.

During the many years when it seemed impossible to grow grass anywhere from ten to fifteen feet from the ditch boards and our Club had little to offer by way of good bowling, Gordon through his social activities, sing songs and skits, held the club together until the remedy was found. Over that long period when better bowling could have been had at almost any other club, Lawrence Park lost hardly a member. Gordon Bricker had so built up the social side of this club that the greens became of secondary importance and did’nt seem to matter so much.

The Union Jack that flies from our flagstaff was presented to the Club by Gordon, together with yards and yards of bunting with which our Club was bedecked on opening day and other special occasions for many years. His many and varied contributions cannot now be counted, but one can say with assurance that Gordon Bricker has contributed more to the success, socialbility and growth of our Club than any other single member.

At our annual meeting in November 1954, he was awarded an Honorary Life Membership, the highest honor our club can bestow on its members.

The Gordon Bricker trophy was presented for competition in 1949, to be competed by men only, but, owing to his great popularity throughout the club it was decided by the board of Directors in 1956 to make it a mixed trebles competition as it is to-day, so that every member could have equal opportunity to add his or her name to this beautiful trophy which is now become a memorial to that illustrious member whom we can in all sincerity refer to as “Mr. Lawrence Park”, Gordon Bricker.

He passed away in November 1955.

Prepared by A.V Orr – May 1963.

(With thanks to Dorothy Burrows)