Public events

Wednesday Evenings Free Fun

Learn the game. For a team, Date night, Old and New friends, Strangers, Networking. We need 8 registered to schedule play. We’ll contact you when we have at least 8:


Older Adults

Supported by a grant, we have purchased special equipment for seniors and those with aches that normally limit play. Lawn Bowling is a very sociable game. Easy to learn and with practice a game of skill and strategy. Register for events in July and Aug. You may play one game, or decide to come back, perhaps compete.

The Game is amazing. The Bowls have a natural bias and curve as they slow down. The object is to be nearest the target (Jack) but other bowls can hit yours or the Jack. The natural surface is a bit irregular, also affecting your aim. By the way, you cannot aim for the jack as the bowl curves.

Our club is in a ravine. You won’t know you are in the city, off a main artery. Peace and tranquility reign.

Here is how to register. Please click the link below:


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